Cannot Join Guild

I have tried 3 times to join my friend’s guild and all I get is a message warning me of a leave penalty. When I use Alt+U, a guild doesn’t even pop up so I don’t understand why I am receiving this stupid message.

Also, is there not a way to contact a support team directly instead of this ridiculous round about way through the forums?

Did you leave a guild recently? There’s a wait period to join another.

I left my first guild about a week ago. When I go to the Bloodstone Exchange and click on a honing material I get an error that says my guild research level is not high enough

Each time you leave a guild, the penalty increases I believe. You can end up with a long penalty for guild hopping a lot.

I know that which also makes no sense; however, I’ve only ever been in one other guild

I wonder if theres a place where you can see how many days of penalty you have, cuz i got the penalty myself but have no idea of how many eons i have till i can join another guild.

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I did find that when I click request on my friend’s guild is shows 22h, which is INSANE to me but also, the last time I requested was 2 days ago and it said 24h so I have no idea what the hell is going on, lmao! This game is a blast but it is absolutely riddled with inconsistencies and nonsense systems

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