Cannot make more than 12 characters but store allows it


Store allows me to buy another character pass past the 12th character but I cannot use it since roster pages only go up to 2

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i notice this too have you found any info on this

Same! Now I have a bunch of slot tickets I cannot use…

Any remedy to this? Additional tickets from packages will also be wasted if we are to buy the new steam packages

Ran into the same problem. bought 3 character tickets while already having 12 unlocked as I wanted all 15 Classes. And thought we would have 18 Slots aswell.
@Roxx Would be lovely if you could give more insight?

I’m at the same point now too. I have 12 characters on one server and was thinking another row would unlock after unlocking the 12th slot, but it didn’t.

Seeing as there are 15 current adv classes, with more down the road, we need clarification.

For now, my guess is the extra passes are usable on other servers, which defeats the point obviously.

@Roxx thanks

Is there a way to refund the royal crystals for these items that are unusable? There is also the fact that buying the vanquisher pack gives an unusable ticket as well.

i just noticed? any new on this topic?