Cannot pick EU region to play with my Bronze founder's pack

Hello! When i try to select EU central region i got this message:

Why can’t i pick EU region in server list?
Only NA regions are availible for me somehow.
I got a bronze founder’s pack key from my friend, but i dont see anywhere that my pack have any restrictions.
Is there any way for me to use head access and founder’s pack to play on EU Central?

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Hello @simonstadd,

I hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry to hear that the game is not allowing you to choose the EU Central region.

Please try restarting your game. I would also recommend that you verify the integrity of your game files by doing the steps in the following link, Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Hopefully this helps and if not let me know as soon as possible to check out other troubleshooting steps! :smiley:

@aePixie Thanks for your answer!
Restart and files check did not help. At server selection screen i can only choose between East NA and West NA (it asks to restart a game to switch). But when i try to press on Central Europe or South America - message from screenshot appears. Is this problem unique? I mean maybe i just got scuffed founders pack that locks me in NA?

Hey @simonstadd,

I apologize for the inconvenience.

In this case I recommend you to contact live support at Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games so they can escalate this issue.

Hope this helps! Take care!

Can you answer me plz, should i be able to have access to all 4 regions there at the head start first of all? I just dont understand, maybe there are everyone locked same as me

I apologize. No, you are not locked in a specific region, you should be able to choose the one you want to play in, in this case EU Central, that’s why I recommend you to contact support, they need to check what’s causing this issue in your game.

Ok, support answered to me that this is a common problem and they working on the fix on their side. So i have nothing to do but waiting.

Ok, 30 hours passed after head start and i still have no access to pick EU region at the start screen.
Support ignoring refund requests, only repeating they working on fixes. But what the reason for me to wait when i already lost almost all the head start from Bronze pack?
Such a waste of time and money, thanks Amazon!