Cannot press play to set up key binds, server, or graphics. Not like before when beta released

Finished downloading Lost Ark. Unfortunately you cant press play until Amazon boots it, is there any way Amazon can let us run the game so we can set up key binds, pick servers(EU,NA, West), and change graphics early?


Maybe look in the files themselves, if they´re not encrypted that is.

Yup, wait a few minutes I’ll ring one of my friend works there he will press the button for us because you asked nicely.


Mother of god… Head start doesn’t start until tomorrow. It’s not that hard to understand. You’ll do it tomorrow.

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I downloaded and my lost ark folder is 0 byts, literally is empty.

No, this is not possible on our end (unless we wanted to potentially let a lot of folks in early, which… not going to happen unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


That’s disappointing to hear. It was nice to be able to fix game settings and make sure everything was set up before beta started. Wished they had kept that for launch.

Dudes… Chill…

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please do…we will get your buddy cookies

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well, why not… it’s not like you’re gonna do anything groundbreaking now :stuck_out_tongue:

Just call Bob. Bob will let you in.

Someone need to start verifying the age people posting on this forum because I got feeling we are in kindergarten

If you can find the UserOption.XML you can setup everything to your liking
Just a headsup