Cannot Proceed quest Feiton Wild Cake

This quest needs required quests
[Market Investigation]
[Withered Future]
[Lonely Night]

I have market investigation completed on a different alt and cannot proceed to get the Feiton Wild Cake on main, what can I do?

Hi @michael.liao28 welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m sorry that you have not been able to proceed with the Feiton Wild Cake quest, this sounds frustrating and we don’t want anything messing with your gameplay experience.

You need to have completed all these three quests to continue with Feiton Wild Cake quest, be sure to complete the three with the same character to unlock the mission.

if you did all of this and the quest is still not available please contact us trough the following link so we can escalate the issue:

Have a great day! :dragon: