Cannot progress through south vern due to dungeon being shut down

i am having issues clearing my south vern main story quest due to the heiger’s manor dungeon being closed. i am unable to unlock my south vern chaos dungeons due to this. i have not been able to use my chaos dungeon resonance for 3 days already. Please help

Free the dungeon please! It’s a lack of mats for us because we are stuck.
Thank you AGS.

Hey there @rivvvy,

Sorry to hear you are unable to progress due to Heiger’s Manor being shut.
This is due to errors and bugs surrounding the area and players getting stuck on it.
It should get cleared soon and you’ll be able to continue running it.

Info will be posted as soon as it’s done. We appreciate your patience until then.
Hope you have a great one.

Best wishes!

This Bug is there already for 3 Days, they have 0 interest to Fix it, as it looks, and a friend of mine cant play the 1415 chaos and cant play Valtan legion Raid because of it, its a disaster, the support is not willing to do anything!! He even wouldnt mind if they skipped the quest for him so he can go further, i rly dont understand Amazon Games. I dont know how big the compensation for this will be, but its a loss from over 5k gold already, and thats huge !!!

Amazon do something

when is “soon”? its been like this for almost a week if not more…

Can you guys atl east free Valtan? Can’t access Valtan without South Vern even with 1415 iLevel

ya its not on there prio list. they dont care folks. this is some utter bs

st least unlock the bellion south vern port