Cannot sail past Procyon Wall despite

I have completed the prereq’s more than a month ago and have been happily sailing about for over a month. Got a map from Spida yesterday and set sail only to find I am now blocked by Procyon wall. I can use BiFrost to get around for things but cannot sail.

I can sail between Luterra and Vern but I cannot sail south of Luterra. Coming from either east or west I cannot sail south of Rethramis to Luterra. I have a map from Spida Island with a location there and cannot approach from any direction.

that’s when you want to auto sail to there. just sail manually from the east side and you should be able to reach your spida island’s map location and get pirate flag .

I have tried manually sailing from Luterra. Will try again though, thanks.

Just tried hugging the coast coming from the east Luterra side and west from Punika and I still hit the wall. My vessel gets about half-way through and at that point I can only sail north/south.

Oh my goodness. I am so dumb sometimes. I, for whatever reason, must have been sailing right past the location in an attempt to get to the next gulf on the continent. user error. wont be the last time!