Cant Access Central Eu

Why Cant i Access Central Eu which i have high ilvl chars ???
i am connected to eu west but central eu says this

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Try to restart, check if you updated the game. If that did not work please repair through steam and check for corrupted files.

Sometimes a PC restart work too. The servers are live so you should be able to join.

Didnt Work :frowning: Somebody Help


I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work. Please make a ticket to Amazon following the next link:

Please provide them with enough information.

Same problem, I have characters only on Innana EUC, but somehow got switched to EUW and cant get back.

Amazon Support ? Help ? ? ? any solutions ?

Same here. But they sad to me to update windows and graphic card drivers. Before update NA east and west didn’t wonna work now EUC gone too :grinning: no idea if it has any connection with it

Greaser where do u connect from ?

Same for me, other regions work fine Cant log in to my region - #3 by Messiah7

is there an AGS support out there ??? help us its not just this post ive seen 3 or 4 more posts about this, could u help us pls ???

same here other region work just eu central dont work

srsly thou i dont care about rmt or bots or watever i just wanna play the game do my alts that i enjoy, just give us an answer, thats all

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i may have found the solution . first i entered the game which ofc i was sent to SA,
then i went to the game folder and found the config folder, in it there is a document named useroptions open it and on the last lines there is the region part in my case SA was writed in front of it , so i changed it to CE and it should be fine now . thou i have to change it almost everytime i login into the game