Can't access dungeons with party, what's the point of this as an mmo experience? REFUND PLEASE

I had my 3 days head start which has been rendered completely useless due to the fact my server has been locked and I can’t play with my friends. Changed to one of the new servers servers to where there are still massive ques, when we finally get to play together, WE CAN’T, because none of the “mmo” content works, it’s a solo experience at this point and I really don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. We spam the “ENTER” button for dungeons and it keeps coming up with being unable to locate us or something like that when we’re literally standing right there.

Forget the fact the crystalline aura doesn’t work and the “fix” is to restart the game… and what? Get in the massive que again? I come back from work late, want to jump in for a few hours and have an enjoyable experience with my mates which has been anything but at this point. I have zero benefit from paying for the pack earlier on.

It just doesn’t work… it’s boring, it’s unplayable, it’s not what I was advertised and excited for and therefore I think its reasonable to request a refund… I can’t do that though, because steam won’t even open a ticket for me, since the “founder’s pack” is DLC. This has been a disaster for me and my friends, please just give me my money back, delete my characters, items, I don’t care.

Even Solo instanced content doesn’t work reliably, can’t enter Shadespire, Cube or anything like that…

Cya :wave:

I still can’t access dungeons with my friends… it seems like a joke honestly

Can someone respond to this, its been almost a week and I can’t play with my friends.
Refund please