Can't access Punika anymore with some characters

With new patch today I can now no longer acces Punika with some of my characters and the area is completely greyed out as well, despited having completed the Punika story a long time ago with the characters. Saved Bifrost teleport and Song of Return saved to Punika were also deleted.

The problem seems to be that those character have not completed the the Feiton Story Quest, which so far has never been a problem for accessing later continents.


Same here, some characters that I had sitting in Nia village got locked out.

Thank you for the heads up! The team is aware of the problem and currently looking into a fix! Apologies for the frustration!

For those locked out of Punika can you clarify if you’ve completed Feiton or previous regions quests?

have this bug on my bard and ive done all previous story but another alt of mine has this issue and hasnt done every story line i think it skipped feiton

locked out of punika - didnt finish feiton, only did like 50%
plx fix this asap :wink:

I honed past feiton to skip it like a year ago and now my 1445 scrapper alt can’t enter Punika. It wiped my Song of Return point and when I loaded into the game it had booted me out into my ship.

is in the patch note.

Blockquote * Docked boats will now be warped when players cannot enter a port. If you sail and try to dock at a continent that you don’t meet the entry requirement for, you will be denied entry. You will then get a pop up message with an option to teleport to another continent’s port that you are able to enter.


locked out of south vern on a storypass character…had worked the story up to the Bellion start and now all of South Vern is greyed out. I have done all story quests on this character from lvl 1 using the storypass event.

same to me i cant enter punika and other regions, i can enter only the first zones , anikka sushire and arthethine on 5 chars like this is not ok

i skiped feiton , this is aoutragios do something @ShieldMaiden , people are leaving this game!

It s same to me.

For my characters that are locked out of Punika I have finished all Region Quests except Feiton and Rohendel and when trying to dock in Punika Port it only says that I need to complete the main Quest “Will” which is the story quest of Feiton.

I have the same issue. Did not finish feiton, had no problem travelling to punika before patch, now im locked out.

not a bug , you just cant skip continents anymore , you have to play/buy ( stronghold or powerpass) to finish that skipped one to get to the follow up continent

is there going to be a fix for this? kinda wrong to have to go back after my character has been in punika for 8 months and is ilvl 1540.

Are we getting a bypass for this, or do we have to go back with all of our extra characters and do all the missing quest? Would be nice to know

It’s pretty clear this is more or less the intended state of things

We should have received at least the unlimited KTs Korean got. We didn’t. This is a rather inconvenience to some of us. Losing Punika on a char that’s already done Punika and South Vern isn’t that huge.

It’s different situations where all of sudden you have to go back to severel continents to do them so that you can progress with your current, and better still if you have several impacted chars.