Cant access store

Want to buy royal crystals to buy premium ark pass but when clock on shop since update doesnt come up

Can you confirm you’re EUW? If so, the team is currently aware and looking into it. Thank you for letting us know!

Same, can’t buy royal crystals and yes im on EUW. I guess i won’t play artist today eh

Thank you! The team is currently working on a fix

Yea euw

Ya Same EUW u cannot buy crystals it doing nothin😬 hope the fix is now server update

EUW will be coming down at 10am PST for 30 minutes to address the blue crystal and shop issues.

Can’t buy anything on EUC Asta too.

I’ll ask the team to look into it, thank you for the heads up!

Imagine AGS adressing and fixing every issue in the game as fast as this one where players can’t spend € for the past 1h. In the meantime bots, DC problems and not getting “Trusted” status are still not resolved after months if not a year allready. Laughable.