Can't activate 2nd Platinum Pack

I got a second founders pack to activate on another server my friends are on. Have the steam key but it says I already have the dlc in my inventory, because I already have one plat pack, so won’t allow me to get my second? Any help here is appreciated.

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I’m sorry for the confusion caused with the packs, you can have different tier of packs on the same account, but only one of each tier.

Here you can found this discussion where Roxx mentioned only one pack per account:
Only 1 founders pack per steam account!.

Hope this clarify everything! :wolf:

hmmmm so if i gave the key to one of my friends, could they trade me some of the tradable items?

There’s a known issue at the moment, players are receiving multiple founders packs and twitch drops, it’s in other threads.

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For your question @shotbyhvnter, if the item says under the description is tradable, so yes you will be able to trade them.

Note: not all the items are tradable.

And thanks for the head’s up @StarSmith, I’ve check and is already under investigation by the developers team.

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