Can't bring myself to do another Chaos Dungeon

I just can’t. Same for Guardians to be honest. I know a lot of people feel like this, burnout with my entire guild is the same. Most of us aren’t even trying to get to argos p3 at this point.

I know the game gets better with more patches, as it didn’t do too well in KR at this point, it wasn’t till later patches it started growing again. So I guess I’ll just wait for those patches to come.

The thread saying 90% of of endgame content is just the same faceroll tasks though wasn’t wrong. There’s little entertainment value in treating this as a daily job I have to do. Dailies were a mistake. Especially so if it’s the same 2 every damn day on multiple alts or swipe because you can’t function well without one or the other.

To those still having fun power to ya but man. I hope those patches live up to expectation current game loop is not very fun after you do it X amount of times.


I mean the whole game is the weekly/daily mat grind to slowly raise ilvl to do the raids.

If you dont enjoy that i would just rip the bandaid off now and call it. More raids will mean more fun meaningfull content, but the daily grind will still be there

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what changed after Valtan ? 30mins raid and back to all the same thing
x2 chaos x2 guardian x3 Una task ,


then dont? rested bonus is a thing


I have the opposite experience.

The mindless AOE fest of chaos dungeons makes it less of a chore, and more a chill session. Any thing with tedium becomes a chore fast though, like guardians.

it’s soon to be or already maxed out on some of my alts and my main is heading there too

I thought it’d be fun to try out builds and theory craft but this game is like LOL pheons.

Seems this game gets in its own way a lot to be honest. In ways unique to f2p games.

word on the street is they added more options for getting mats at least 3 more.

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south vern chaos gate ??? once per week .Yeap a lot of option.

tbh forming a group to go kill mobs for exp in diff areas based on party composition, level, and known strategies with risk of de-leveling if you failed was more fun, or at least memorable. I don’t think I’ll ever be telling someone a story about that one time in the chaos dungeon unless it’s to state I somehow got 3 gold portals in a row. Meh.

you dont need to do it daily, dont do it for 5 days and max rest.

Why did you make this thread? This bizzare trend of complaining for literally no reason instead of just not playing the game needs to end, it’s beyond insipid and pathetic.

For the same reason you made your insipid pathetic response, because you wanted to share your “opinion”. The difference between us is I don’t make my posts to attack people’s content or character unless provoked. Also, I’m not your monkey, I have no reason or intention to make my posts excite or entertain you so put your expectations in check. And to your other adjective, the only one to pity is here is you, since you seem to not be able to handle someone else’s opinion.

Forums are for discussion and feedback, if you want a place to only hear what you want to hear may I suggest talking to yourself. The feedback is the daily activities are to the point of being beyond grindy they’re just flat out boring. Most my friend group feels the same at this point. I imagine this will happen to a lot of other people.

If you see that as no reason, then you’re not worth discussing things with anyway.

That’s pretty much what this game is though. A gated grind-fiesta, but as others have said, one of the nice features is it lets you walk away for a few days without any penalty. It almost incentivizes this with the rest thing.

The more I’ve played this game (450+hrs atm) the more I’ve realized that it’s ok to just go at it however you want. If you want to rush, there’s means to do so. If you want to take breaks, there’s means to help you out. The problems for some players seem to happen when they get stuck somewhere in between.

It is just a game. If it is no longer providing entertainment, you should stop and do something else.

It is just here to provide entertainment/distraction, do not torture yourself.

Especially don’t act like gambler, “I already put so much in, leaving now means I lose it all!” The game is f2p your account will always be here. Plus you haven’t lost anything, it is to provide entertainment and you have it.

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i agree, guardian raids are the worst thing ever, i can do chaos all day though and do on all my toons, i rarely ever run guardians except on toons above 1370 as the mats to gold ratio just isn’t worth it.

honestly though i just hate all content without a hp bar, i only played monster hunter rise with my friend because there was an addon that gave hp bars. i can’t stand that type of play that i have no clue my dmg or progress, that to me is the worst game design ever in the entire of all gaming history.


This is how I feel too, though I do get a bit bored with chaos dungeons at times where I feel like I’m just going through the motions. To me though, they’re much more fun that guardian raids which I find to be exactly how you said, tedious. I don’t understand how people find them fun given how they are designed as it’s just memorizing a boss pattern and running around and tossing in a skill when there is an opening and doing that for X amount of minutes. To each their own, I guess.

I do like chaos gates and field bosses though. Might be because there’s so many people and it has a grander scale feeling to it because of that. Give me a 15+ person raid and I’d probably dig it.

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I posted a solution for this. Players dont seem to agree. They re too deep into the game’s abusive mechanics.

Take a break? I like when people call it a burnout. It is not a job, no one is forcing you to do all the content everyday.

I can understand that but what do you think is going to be coming? Another raid or two is just going to be the same thing where it may feel fresh to you at first but after a while you will grow tired of it. Admittedly, I don’t know exactly what is all coming but I get the feeling it is just going to be some new stuff people will be excited with for a couple weeks and then they’ll be wanting something else. I gather there isn’t some fancy new mode that is entirely different than dungeons or fighting bosses and will actually make things feel different/fresh.

This is why I kind of make a face when I see people complaining that there is “no content” now or asking for the next raid because they are bored as though it is going to satisfy their itch for longer than a couple weeks. Feels like maybe people need to just step away for a bit instead of continually upgrading their gear and looking for some 1-2 week new content/raid fix. I guess more classes will help some with this though they may be so burnt out by then that they won’t want to do the grinding on the new classes.