Can't buy 5 character slots

I am having issues with opening the last 5 character slots

please look at picture, the ingame store says you are limited to buying tickets and i can’t unlock the last 5 slots. Please help

every slot is 800 gems.

and yes, if u want all 18 slot is something like 100 euros.

You cannot buy the ticket it’s showing 0/12

Dunno if u are in EUC, but atm u cannot buy nothing, it’s almost all down.

same here, the error is purchase limit exceed (i have only bought 7 tickets so far, propably exactly like op’s issue)

oh my mistake, haven’t seen u are at the 13th slot. Sorry.

Having the same problem

Same problem here as well.

supposedly according to support it’s a known issue. i haven’t seen any official response or estimated date, was hoping it would be on the hotfix, but tried it today and still unable to do it.