Can't buy in the shop since the release

Hey !
Since the release, I didn’t have the ability to buy something on the server Neria.
First, I had purchase failed.
Now, I just click on buy now and nothing happens.
I already tried to verify my files with steam.

Any idea ?

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!!! My nick in game: Alexcsasouza
Awakening quest buugggg! in the third mission it no longer appears. I’m very sad Someone help me

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Hello @Soupatowtow

Let me welcome you to the Lost Ark Forum ! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry that you are having this issues with the shop, this sounds very frustrating and we want you to experience the game at its fullest.

We are currently aware of the issues with the Aura and the shop, and we are working as quick as we can to solve them in a future patch, please check the following link for more information on this issue:

Thanks so much for your patience! :man_mage: