Can't change sail glyph on Astray Lvl 11

I have an Astray Level 11 and want to change the sail glyph, but when I click the “Sail Glyph” button it says “you cannot change sail glyphs for this ship or ship skin.”

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Hello @Xerzei,

Thank you for sharing your question in regards to changing sail glyphs on your ship. Please note that the message you are getting indicates this specific ship or ship skin can indeed not have the glyph changed. Unfortunately, this cannot be modified when that is the case.

Good sailing and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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Thank you for the response. So, does that mean all Astrays look the same? Seems like I’ve seen Astrays with other skins. Maybe not.

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Hello @Xerzei,

Thank you for your follow up question on this one. There shouldn’t be any different ones of the same kind of skin or ship as this one does not allow it. You will be able to tell which can be modified as they will not have the prompt you mentioned on your first post.

Safe sailing and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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Astray allow you to use some skins, I’m not sure of all of them works, but I have seen many Astray ships with the cheap Hermida’s Song skin, and some using the turtle skin reward (Tortoyk Arong Turtle) from collecting 80 Island Souls.

I’m using the Orca skin.

So you can use skins on the Astray, but not change the sail glyphs.

I think the only ship you can’t change anything on is Eibern’s Wound, but I’m not 100% sure.


Hi @Xerzei @l.bureso.

Hope both are doing fine.

We apologize the sail glyph is not working as you expected for this ship I personally think I will like the option to be available also , on this case we will highly recommend and appreciate your comments on our feedback section so we can forward this to our specialized team .

Opinions like yours help us improve our products and the quality of service we offer our customers, thank you very much to get more visibility on this topic also.

We appreciate your comments, they are always welcome.
Have a great week.


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The ability to change sail glyphs is tied to the skin of the ship and not the ship itself.
In the case of Astray it is unable to change the sail glyph in its standard skin.
You will be able to change the sail glyph if you equipe a skins that can have its sail glyph changeable.