Can't change the Alarm Setting after July 20 patch!

Alarm Setting is messed up!!! I can’t change or edit the alarm settings.


Yep.You can’t click to locate either.

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Same issue.

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Same , can’t check locations of the events and can’t even see which Ch im on.

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SAME! nothing works on alarm screen

I have the same issue. Cannot add / remove new items to track.

I also noticed that the close “X” has shifted over to the middle of the UI.


I have the same problem… but I was able to set them if you use the Calendar. But the Calendar does not have everything like field boss’s, hope this gets fixed soon.

Also I have the Chn bug that does not show what Chn I am in, I have see many people post about that also.

Hey there @LogicX64. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I will forward this issue to the Development team. Could I have your server and username?

Thank you to everyone who reported having the same issue! :slight_smile:

Username is Game Character Name right?

Region: US West
Character: Ninafei

Correct. Thank you for the information!

Yep. Same issue, I hope they fix it soon.

Same issue - most people on my server having the same issue as well. The screen for editing alarms also became abnormally small after the patch.

Mine got abnormally large after patch and doesn’t let me edit anything except bottom notifications checkbox.

Is there anyone not affected by this bug? I’ve asked a few guys in my guild and we all got it. Impossible to change the alarm setting or locate from the alarm menu.

I’m having the same issue. Doing a Google search leads to this thread, but no resolution.

Is there any fix or workaround for this?

The fix is coming tomorrow.