Can't claim crystalline aura gift

It says that I have one item to claim in my inbox (1/50), but there is no item to claim. I saw the crystalline aura 3 day gift yesterday, but I was online for just 20 minutes and wanted to use it today. However, it is missing for some reason.


Hello! @Nik88

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums! I hope you are doing great today!

I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing with the Crystalline Aura.

can you check if it allow you to redeem this from the product inventory option that shows up when you enter the store?

I hope this helps! :waxing_crescent_moon:

Last time I checked the store was in maintenance mode and we couldn’t access it.

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Same here, can’t claim and the store is undergoing maintenance.

Same problem here. I saw the gift but didn’t claim it. After a relog, the little icon shows I have 1 gift but when I click it, it says I don’t have any claimable items.