Can't claim Founders Pack, just disappeared out of nowhere

It was in my product inventory before, and i was holding off on using it until i got familiar with the game and found a class that i liked, and it also had the 3 day crystaline aura that was given out, but when i logged back in after waiting hours in queue, Its just gone, I relogged back in after waiting hours again, just to see if it would appear again, and nope, still gone. Is Amazon/Smilegate aware of this issue and gonna do something about it? Ive seen other people have the exact same issue of founders packs disappearing. Thats also disregarding the offer they made of giving out extra founders packs if you bought them to those who make a character on another server and claim it before the 14th, but I cant even join another server and make one if i wait in the large queue and havent even claimed my founders pack yet.