Can't claim powerpass

Already tried on 2 new characters, aswell as in one already leveled character and is just impossible to buy any powerpass.

Server: South America

Hello @Peeter,

Hope you are doing well.

This is to let you know that Purchased Possesses will be re-enabled on August 24th.

To read more:

Hope this helps.

what do you mean? The post says exactly that the PAID POWERPASSES would be re-enabled today.

ASHISH literally telling you something isn’t happening because it will happen on a day that is today.

Customer service is gone.

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Roxx literally said it will be re-enabled alongside with the update.

Today is the 24th… Are you misreading in some way?

I get the same error…

I am having the same issue. I get the option to purchase the power pass.

But when I click on the buy to purchase it I am getting the following messages.

Server: North America West - Akkan

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I’m in the same boat, can’t buy powerpass, get same error, NAE.

Having the same issue here. Server: North America East

Same issue, EU Central.

Hello everyone,

Seems like many of our players are having problem with their Power Passes.

Hence, I request you all to kindly allow me sometime to get it checked and I’ll come back with an update/workaround as soon as I get any.

Thank you for your patience.

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@ASHISH Thanks for looking into this.

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Hey folks!

Just passing by to bring you an update on Powerpasses:

Let us know how this works for you, stay safe y’all! :wink:

Working now, thanks!

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