Can't claim second Platinum Founder's Pack

I started on EUC in Early Access. And ended up switching to EUW. Have now gone back to EUC and there’s a Platinum Founder’s Pack in my Product Inventory.
When i click “Claim Item” it just greys out and doesn’t claim

Hello @ChibiOllie

If you haven’t already, could you try following the instructions at the link below and see if it resolves your problem?

Please let me know if that worked for you or not!


I just tired it and it didn’t fix the problem
Thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry to hear that didn’t work for you.

I’d recommend reaching out to Amazon Games Support via live chat and seeing if they can resolve the issue for you. It’s weird that it doesn’t do anything apart from turning grey when you attempt to claim it.

You can contact them at the link below:

Oh, so im not the only one with that problem.
Its exactly the same issue for me too. When i try to claim it, it just greys out and all i can do is cancel it by clicking the x.
I contacted live support last week and they forwared the problem. But since then no answer.