Cant claim unlocked "uno's token"

Help please,
so I have unlocked Uno’s Token thresholds 27 27 36 36, but I haven’t claimed them yet yesterday, thinking I can claim them tomorrow before server reset!

Now you have chosen an extremely bad time to make Server unavail during the reset timer, without enough of a time windows to know about it beforehand…

I think there is enough feedback already why this should be done differently.

–In my case I want to know if those unclaimed rewards will be triggered automatically and in my possession when logging in?
–Otherwise I want you to restore those to my account. I paid money for reaching those thresholds in time, and now I cant claim.
–What can you do to help? Please give me my 126 tokens I worked for all week. Thank you.

unlcaimed rewards are lost on the reset when UNAS resets.

pro tip, just claim them, dont leave them hanging around,

they have done Thursday Maintenance Since the game was in Pre-start.

dont blame them for you not managing your rewards.

yeah that one is on you buddy, and weekly maintnance are going to be the same time every week so you knew about this lel.

Thanks guys, I realized that as well :slight_smile: I had a reason for it (thinking need to reach threshold to claim it, else points reset, not so smart and makes sense looking at it closer).

I think it’s partly my fault yes, and I will handle different, but also, why have weekly reset at a time window when there will be server downtime anyways? Then better change things around, put the timer at a different day/hour to avoid issues? It’s not about blaming, but about keeping people happy. And honestly I think this will be adjusted in some way, cause it can be handled better? Even if its my fault, it could be avoided.

—Anyways, good news, i was gonna say why not just auto award it, no reason not to do it. And actually it lands in your inbox, so kudos, that solves that very specific sort of issue.

I think above still applies in certain other scenarios people have been giving feedback on.

they take down server as part of the reset :slight_smile: servers will always be down when the reset happens.