Cant complete quest: Shandi's trial: Focusing

I have the problem that i cant complete the quest Shandi’s Focusing on Bamboo Island. I am at the last step where i have to take pictures from Shandi in his true form. But there is no Shandi left anymore. I cant find the last Shandi to take the last picture (progress at 2/3).
The last remaining Zinnervale is standing in the top left area (bamboo forest), so there also should be the last Shandi to take a picture to continue somewhere around him, but there is none. I looked everywhere also checked the other areas again and also took a picture of every inch of the area (thought maybe it triggers sth).
I think it “glitched” for me as i took a picture of both, a “false” and “true” Shandi that stood close together, and it counted as failed. Seems like it counted only the “false” one, and didint give me credit for the “true” one.
I also cant abandon the quest to redo it, its greyed out.

Got solved.
I dont know if someone from the support reseted for me the step with the focusing, or it got reseted due the july update.
Anyway, if it was someone from the support, thank you.

Glad this issue was resolved. I will mark your post as solved. :slightly_smiling_face: