Can't complete shushire quests or adventure's tome

Hey guys,
I leveled a bard to 50 and did the vern quests enough to do chaos/guardians/abyssals. Shortly after I hit 50, I knowledge transferred a gunslinger. That became my main. With the knowledge transfer, it showed as completed Shushire questlines. Later on, I decided to knowledge transfer my bard without actually completing the Shushire storyline. The knowledge transfer states that all of the main quest are complete, but when I look at the main quest, I have a picture of 4 people carrying bricks and baskets. A friend of mine says his actual completed picture is a sword and such.

Today, I completed the adventure’s tome, including all of the visible colectibles, cooking, vistas, dungeons on both normal and hard, bosses, monsters. another stories, hidden stories, maxed the rapport to 100% and the triport to 100%. After everything is supposedly complete but my Adventure’s tome is at 85.7% and I can’t seem to figure out where the missing 15% is from. I’m guessing its that I never actually completed the missions.

Has anyone else had this issue, and how do I go about being able to complete the Adventure’s Tome for Shushire?