Can't complete stronghold entry quest

So last night there were some server issues with Galatur Server. I had just finished the entry stronghold quest chain, watched the adorable little cinematic, and finally Song of Escaped my way out of my stronghold and that’s when the server went down. I wanted to see how it was doing this morning and after trying to fix it myself I am stuck.

Everything I did yesterday still counts as completed for the stronghold, but the main story quest “Issue for approval!” is still incomplete in my journal. I just did it yesterday so I figure, I’ll just catch it back up real quick and I am stopped right at the research section of the tutorial. It asks to complete “Purchase of new crafting tools”, but it’s already researched in my research list. If anyone can give me a quick fix or recommendation of what I should do next I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

(Edit) It looks like I can’t use any of my stronghold features, and since it’s a main story quest I might be blocked from that as well. ITS LOOKING KINDA GRIM XD

(Edit 2)

Another ticket related to the Galatur server maintenance issue has a moderator recommending to send customer support tickets. I sent mine in and the typical automated response e-mail was sent my way. NOW WE PLAY THE WAITING GAME! :smiley:

(Edit 3 2/14/2022)
I contacted customer service and they are still working on a solution. Some good news. I found a forum post that mentions a possible fix for some people, but it doesn’t work for my situation (I found a fix to the Stronghold Missing Quests on Galatur)

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Same boat as well, I hope this gets fixed before the flood gates open.

Any news? I have the same problem

Same issue. I thought it was because I completed the research before I got to that point in the quest but not sure.

How do we submit tickets? Mine is also bugged. Axure - Galatur


When the hell are they going to fix this bug. Customer service has been absolutely useless they just replied to me with a canned message about the founder’s pack…

Select “In-Game Issue” → “Something Else” → “Web Ticket”

same here , did you solve it?

Nope, I’m in deep negotiations with AGS CS :smiley:

i contacted them every day :face_with_head_bandage: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

if u find a way plz let me know

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I tried making another character and progressing to the point to where you acquire the stronghold and no luck smh. so don’t try it!

Yea stronghold saves across server…

It’s crazy to me that this bug hasn’t been fixed. So many people losing out on stronghold progress and it seems like AGS CS is somewhat avoiding a solution. I’ve been given the runaround 3 times when chatting with them.

I totally understand why it’s so frustrating, but CS can’t help you only the programmers can. And about 17,000 people got caught in this bug with the only solution being to fix it one at a time. It only makes sense they would try to find a way to fix it on a larger scale. Just hang in there and they’ll take care of it! (Or I’m totally wrong and we’re totally screwed… let’s hope for the former.)

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They are not fixing it with a patch. the quote below is from the new thread in the news. We are stuck dealing with amazon CS, who doesn’t know shit, and can only even try to fix your account while you are online in game…

“Please know if you really want to save your original character you can work with Customer Support, but it will take some time.”

Thank you for the heads up! I’ve been so busy at work, I never would have noticed this XD

Wonder if theres any news on this.

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I opened a ticket with AGS and had like 8 different people reply to me with different answers. Answeres ranged from “We’re working on it” to “it’s on our radar” to “We will keep you updated”. At this point, I have no idea what the outcome will be.

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same here