Can't connect character

While I was questing in northern vern, (the elf area), I experienced an issue where I could not teleport out of the zone that I was in. So I tried running to the exit and instead of loading into the next zone, I just ran through the exit, reaching the out of bounds of the map. While funny, I knew there was something wrong with my game, so I decided to restart it.

Now, after relogging, everytime I try to log into my character, it gives me a “Could not connect to game.” error. I googled it and it seems to be common on my server. I hope I can play and haven’t completely lost my character!

Character name: Chaddestofgigas
Server: Mari US West

Edit: I was able to log on, but the original issue is persisting. It seems that I am forever stuck in the Vermese Forest!

Re-edit: Using the song of return seemed to get me out of it. Idk what bug this was, but it was pretty inconvenient!