Can't connect to Mari

I got disconnected to the game and can’t connect to Mari Server anymore: the game closes after a long loading to connect to Mari. . I already verify the integrity of the files, still didn’t fix it. It is also happening to one of my friends rn.


Letting the team know, thank you!

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This is the second time this week, mass DC for everyone. Almost same time yesterday.

Same here. I’m trying to provide more details here:

Chaos dungeons and in general entering an instance (guardian raid, cube) wouldn’t work. Area chat wouldn’t work. I exited the game and tried to log back but I got an error message saying “someone else is logged into your account”.

I just logged back in right now and after a minute or so the error I get is “Cannot connect to the server. Existing the game. [W0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]”

Hope this helps you and the team pinpoint the issue.


game has been randomly crashing for a ton of people in Mari the past 2 or 3 days. People losing their daily chaos, adventure islands, gates, tickets, abyssals, etc. Pretty zzz.

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Same problem here, Mari server, but it looks to be fixed now. Was finishing a guardian raid and the loading screen to return would not progress after five minutes of waiting. Tried a few times to log on and it just spun after selecting server then gave a generic error and closed.

Mari went down again. :grimacing:

The server Mari will be restarted at 6pm PT, will be down for around 30min.

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I think this is related to the mari server restart…

I was in Forge of Fallen Pride and a message came up sever was restarting in 1 min… Got kicked and now I am locked because the server restarted w/o any warning beside the little message while I was in the forge…

I am from Enviska how was I supposed to know not to que because a server restart?

:\ I know it was a gamble to run cube while this was happening but I just got back in and my cube tickets are gone. I sure wish there was better communication around the server restart, I didn’t see anything until I got kicked off the server

I was kicked out of the game at the end of a guardian raid and did not get to collect my items, I had full rest bonus. When I logged back in the Guardian Raid board says I have harvested one soul and I am missing one bar of rested bonus. Contacted support and was asked to reply here with details. I am not getting my hopes that anything will be done, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me and all the other times nothing was done either.

Server: Mari
Character: Mrpotty

My username is Bossbuildstrx on Mari server. When the servers were restarting i was in an argos run on p3… was kicked out and now it says i cant enter for the week. Can i please get this looked at? Thank you very much.

To whoever just sent me an argos reentry ticket due to this issue, i really appreciate it. Thank you for taking care of the community quickly, less than 10 mins and problem solved. <3

Being asked to comment again by support. I was not able to get rewards from my guardian raid because of the server restart of Mari. My characters name is Mrpotty. I had rest bonus.

Yo, servers down again 10:15pst


yep. cant do anything on Mari.

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rip mari…again.

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this is getting ridiculous. Mari is down yet again.


and it’s dead again. Cool.



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