Can't decide between Arty & SS

Hey everyone!

I want to make a main ranged alt - I can’t decide between Artillerist & Sharpshooter for ranged alt.

My main is Pally (1500) ; main melee alt Deathblow Striker (1445) working to get him to 1490; plus a bunch of lopang/chaos alts.

I want to push a ranged alt to 1490 but I can’t decide between SS and Arty.

Turning to the community to help me decide.

Unsure of engravings to use; What class is more “subjectively” fun, and what class does easy but good/amazing DPS.

I play Artillerist / Blaster as my main alt, but I don’t play Sharpshooter at all. I can say that Blaster is my favorite class in the game by far, as it is on the upper end of tankiness and requires you to cheese a lot of mechanics using push immunity. It takes some getting used to, due to the delay on the skills. But, once you get everything down, the explosions feel weighty and satisfying to hit.

Although the class uses nukes and heavy artillery to deal damage, it doesn’t generate particularly large numbers (i.e. like Igniter, Surgeblade, Destroyer, etc.) but instead does a lot of little numbers. This can be a bit confusing lore / flavor-wise, but it’s for the health of the class so it isn’t as devastating when you miss an attack.

The overall damage output of Blaster is very, very high. However, it isn’t considered S tier due to their lack of mobility, unpredictable boss movements, and their reliance on supports. For this reason, a lot of KR content creators deem it very high DPS, but situational. In farm content, Blaster is an easy MVP due to simultaneously high DPS and stagger potential.

In terms of cost, it can get quite expensive to play, due to its main build (Barrage) being Specialization and sharing meta accessories with many other classes. It also doesn’t feel particularly smooth until late game. The other build (Firepower) is serviceable too, but I don’t have much experience with it.

The class will be getting an overhaul next Wednesday, though. So, if you’re seriously considering it, I would sleep on it until then.

Next week Artillerist get a new rework, becoming one of the best class.

I’ve seen both engrav on KR, and i find it fun (to watch, as i don’t have one).

One build is full burst with turret, the other one is nuke.

Sharpshooter gets a near blanket damage buff next week as well.

But it’s kind of meh to play imo. And makes no thematic sense. Why the heck is an Arthetinean using a … bow? Why is the bird apparently “alive” and not a machine? Nowhere in Arthetine is there even an NPC using a bow or playing with birds…

I’m pretty sure Sharpshooter was originally supposed to be from Luterra or Vern.

I play SS as my main alt and i would not recommend it if you want a strong ranged dd.

The reason: If you go for a real ranged build, there is only one option to build him and thats a swiftness loyal companion build. Its dmg is just below mediocre (yes it will get a 5% buff) and this build sucks your mana dry within 1 minute, so you are forced into building at least 2p nightmare.

The stronger build is deathstrike which forces you to go into melee range quite often and is also slow af. Here you are forced to burst within 8 seconds. If bosses jump away or you have to move or you get knocked down as you have 0 superarmor in your kit, you are useless for the next 30 seconds. So you are just a squishy ranged/melee hybrid in this build.

Overall i would say his kit is outdated as 50% of his skills are useless (too low dmg to use or pure pvp skills), also his gameplay and theme make no sense. Why would you call this class sharpshooter and then force him into melee range every 10 seconds and reanimate and selfdestruct his bird every few seconds.

I would recommend you to go with an artillerist here. He is way more forgiving and is also the stronger damage dealer.

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Go C and J ober 2p dom. You do this beforw awakening as well and youre guarnteed to have it off CD when you lose your bird (assuming you have LC 3).

It is a lackluster class in terms of style but i find it really chill and a nice change of pace from many other sweaty classes.

Dont listen to the guy whos “main alt” is a SS, listen to me whos mained SS since launch and im sitting at 5x3 1500 ilvl

You don’t HAVE to enter melee range, and you don’t HAVE to choose whether to play loyal companion or deathstrike, you can run both class engravings and use loyal companion as a budget cursed doll since both your legendary class books are WAY cheaper than others.

Let me explain:
Loyal companion gives you and only you a 14% dmg buff against whatever your bird hits, your birds auto attack procs this as well, the strategy is to hit your Z key and instantly follow up with X to activate Death strike, just dont miss, and both buffs will be active immediately for a 58% dmg increase, if the Z ability is on cooldown just time death strike with your birds auto attack. The bird attacks roughly every 2 seconds and mine crits for over 1m so even when you’re out of your burst window your birds still putting in a good amount of work for you. If you really want to min/max run lvl 3 cursed doll over loyal companion for your 5x3 and if you can get a +1 use loyal companion, with ancient accessories youll do the same but +2 loyal companion for max DPS, ive already tested this.

Bursting in Death Strike does not require you to go into melee range, but youll hit charged shot faster if you do but its a ~1 second difference, which if you know the timing and boss attack patterns, doesnt matter anyway. Don’t worry about useless skills, every class has their 8 skills that they never switch out anyway except for maybe specific raids/gates.

useless for 30 seconds shows his SS build sucks, your bird is always up because of blade storm and deadly slash, so your burst window is limited by your skill cooldowns, which for me is about ~16 seconds with lvl 7 gems and all lvl 4 tripods, lvl 5 snipe CD though.

Also sharpshooter has been buffed multiple times, so they’re obviously showing it love, i already take MVP most of the time anyway except in my clown static. Being ranged means you can DPS in areas where melee cannot.

If you enjoy playing artillerist more though just play that, fun is more important, or If you want a sharpshooter build PM me, i can give you a full crit build or a full swiftness build that perform near identically in Trixion.

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In term of accessories, I don’t know about Arty, but SS class’s acc is so rare. You cannot change or adjust your engraving to your budget that much since your build will be determine by the available acc in the market. When you find one, it’s expensive. That’s the only problem I find with my SS. The rest of his accs are pretty damn cheap.

In term of fun, pretty much subjective, but it’s not just fun but so sastifying to me. I like his smooth rotation and snipe is my favorite skill.

In term of dmg and defence, SS probably is probably lacking compared to Arty. I even feel SS is even squishier than my sorc when using grudge. He needs proper positioning and understadining of timing as well if you play death strike.

Overall, I like SS as an underdog taking mvp here and there and feel good abt myself.

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Regarding accessories, Artillerists are rare too, but nowhere near as rare as Sharpshooter. It’s better now, but a few months ago there would be maybe 1 or 2 Class accessories on the AH on NAE.

Op is talking about making a new alt and you are talking about full lvl 5 tripods with 1500 gs and perfect stats and runes.

There is a reason why SS ist the second least played class and the least played alt.

OP can feel like a badass with going Artillerist at any point in the game or suffer with SS till he has everything you have.

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i said lvl 4 tripods not 5, which i had at even lower levels when i was doing hm valtan for the first time with even lower level gems anyway while only 4x3 and still taking mvp over artillerists lmao, HM valtan isnt hard to reach especially with this upcoming hyper express, quit being a debbie downer

SS isnt the least played class because of its performance, its just not visually or aesthetically appealing to the majority of players and it lacks booba, never have I suffered with SS either but sure you go ahead and downplay a class you definitely dont even main or probably even have as an alt lmao

this is like my second ever p3 argos clear with my guild shortly after it came out, before any balance patch, cant remember if our artillerist was in the other party or not but we had 2 pugs in party 1 but i had to edit out their names because forum mods exist, but i wasnt even completely 4x3 in this either that much i do remember, anyway SS naysayers are just braindead meta sheep

So I play LC SS as my main and have a Barrage Arty alt, I’ll tell you my perspective

Both are great classes, Artillerist will get stronger with the patch and so will SS

The classes play very differently though (I have no experience with pure Firepower or Death Strike)

Barrage Arty you will be getting into your turret asap, as your turret will be the biggest chunk of damage

It takes knowledge of fights to know when and where to shoot, but once you get the hang of it the class is very satisfying and pumps out really, REALLY good damage (your awakening is the best thing ever too)

The downside is you’re really slow (tanky, but slow like GL) so you have to remember that, along with barrage mode feeling like SH in a sense (transform asap, press your rotation for like 10 seconds, rinse and repeat)

Plus if you miss your laser… I personally like the crying mokoko emote for when that happens, lol

LC SS is a different ball game and is a pure swiftness class

It’s the opposite of Artillerist where you press whatever buttons are off cool down for the most part when you can (including your z since that will add to your damage and x when meter is gone)

You have a quick dodge every few seconds because of the swiftness, move quick and Moving Slash is a good dodging move as well

There are downsides though: it’s sustained damage, which means you’re going to have to be going constantly in the fight or else you lose DPS very fast (a lot worse than burst classes)

It is a very mana heavy class, however some 24% regen food and you’re good to go; I fulltime Hallucination in raids and do just fine because you’re still stopping for mechanics (plus supports help with mp regen too)

Guardian raids you have to watch for depending on what mechanics there are (Deskaluda and Yoho are the worst offenders but one food will last 2 runs and you can switch to 2 pc Nightmare for just those if you want)

Also for two of your skills you have to be mid range to land them, so you have to be closeish to the boss at all times, especially with your lower cool downs

However Snipe and Charged Shot are amazing abilities that can hit very far away when the boss moves, and something about slowly turning around when the boss moves, letting your Charged Shot go and it still hitting the boss across the map is extremely satisfying (and takes a lot of practice to pull off)

And your best counter has the length of a T-Rex arm, be aware of that (super fast though)

And while SS may not compete with some of the big boys in terms of ideal situational damage (it still puts out really good damage don’t get me wrong), the flexibility you get in return more than makes up for it in my opinion and I’m 100% ok with that

At the end of the day play what you think is fun and it never hurts to look up some gameplay videos and try the classes out in Trixion for a bit to get a slight feel, especially with balance patch this upcoming week

I hope I helped just a bit in your decision, and have fun man, the most important thing

I didn’t play SS myself but I got to play SS in my friend acc and assuming that he is a consistant/semi-burst dps class similar to gs. Both Arty and SS were fun to play and having good-amazing dps if you geared them up fully. Else, Barrage Arty will be on the side with higher dmg output. And with the playstyle, Arty can feels clunky from time to time as the class lacks mobility to the point of having shield skill to tank some damge and skill like air raid/ homing can miss easily. Whereas SS comes with mobilities and easy to hit skill but unless you are willing to geared him up fully, damage may not be as big as other.

I appreciate all the responses! My problem is I want to be able to play with the flexibility that comes from swiftness from LC or even Death Strike from SS, but I also want the big deeps that come from playing arty.

A follow up question - Which one would be more alt friendly, and easier to play?

Depends what other classes you’re already used to.