Can't Delete Character

Can't Delete Char

Does anybody know what I should do?

Hi traveler @unknown2

Hope your doing good!

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear your character has an issue on the elimination process.

To cover any inconvenience your character could have with a guild, please confirm:

  • Are you the leader of your guild?
  • Have you recently left a guild? if so, how much time since that?
  • Are you the only member on your guild?

Will be around waiting for your answer.

I was told by customer support that I needed to disband my guild before I can delete my character but it takes 24 hours before a guild can be disbanded. Can you delete my guild instantly or is there another way around this?


Good to hear a solution have been granted already. Sorry, we are unable to delete characters or guilds manually.

Once the time require for the disband ends and your character is deleted, i will appreciate if you can notify us here in the post, would like to be sure your problem was fixed.

Hope your issue to be fix soon and have nice week.

I figured it out by myself how to get out of my guild without the 24-hour wait but now there’s another 24-hour wait for my character to be deleted. Is there a way to bypass that?

Nope you’ve gotta wait for 24 hours then press delete again at the bottom right

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