Cant do dungeons

Since almost 2 days, when the queue is bugged and I cant enter a dungeon, only after several times of matchmaking it works. And when Im in a party and we try to enter, it fails “Localization cant be found” or something like that, so we cant do dungeons in party

Its also very tiring and slowing our progression, because we have to do raids/dungeons with randoms and I think everyone knows doing abyssal with randoms is pain in the ass.

Server: Asta

(Only in my case it just fails to load the dungeon even if everyone accepts)

Whole EU Central region has this problem.

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW Matchmaking in EU is dead once again. Please provide a fix, this is unbearable.


since monday nearly impossible to do groupcontend


This is getting out of hand … i might understand not being able to que for raids in multiplayer but now i cant even do solo content -_-

Gotta try 700 times to join anything. I still dont understand why they think opening a new region will help when people already spent their founder packs crystals etc.

If they want people to move to the new region they need to give us every single penny refunded if we delete our old chars or something.

I could care less about the title and wallpapers, I just want the $40+ crystals people bought and spent already from gold and plat founder packs.