Can't drop Arkesia Grand Prix quest

Hi, I picked up the Arkesia Grand Prix quest on an alt. Since the timers are off I’d like to do it on a different character today but I can’t drop the quest. All the other one-time roster quests can be dropped and picked up on a different roster character so this seems like a bug.

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Same issue here. I made my own forum post and sent in a ticket. I’m basically stuck out of this event because I’m not going to level up this specific alt. It’s the one I level with a friend casually. I’m losing so many benefits as the days go by. At least let us abandon this quest and problem solved.



I have the same issue. The first day, I did the daily event quest with my lvl 50 main character. The second day, I was logged on to my alt character lvl 30, and as it was able to accept the quest, I did it - not expecting not to meet the requirements for a quest you can pick up - and could not participate in the event anymore…
The big issues are, that this daily event quest NEITHER resets NOR can it be cancelled. I is stuck on my alt character since then, and my main character is locked out of the event for days now!

I opened a forum post about that issue, and the customer support agent only told me to use a power pass on that alt character (as if I was to waste a power pass on a character that I leveled up to 40 in the meantime) - or to wait many many days until it reaches lvl 50 as well. His/her precise words were “patience is a virtue”!

I feel minimally fooled by that “support”.

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So bottom line is they aren’t going to do shit with this bug. I’m leveling this alt slowly with a friend who doesn’t play daily. We’ll hit 50 in probably a month. Leveling this character is not an option. Almost makes me want to quit playing knowing I can’t participate in this event I was looking forward to for the rewards because of a bug.

If you delete the character that has the quest, will it free up the quest for roster?

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Risky move. But should do?

I wouldn’t guarantee it though. A character higher than lvl15 also will have the name blocked btw. (for 60 days not use able)
And I doubt anyone here can give you a definitive answer.

Support’s job is to answer/find the answer to stuff like this. Can support please test or clarify this: if you delete the character with the quest, will it free up the quest for the roster? If yes that might be a better workaround than telling people to waste powerpasses or try to rush levelling

I have already tried to delete a character above lvl 10. It does not delete the character instantly anymore, instead my character was labeled as “deletion in progress” for multiple days. Then, I decided to reactivate my character and give the class another chance.
Anyway, there is a small possibility for the daily event quest to be unblocked like that, but my guess is, the quest instead will still stay unavailable until the deletion progress of the character is finished (which takes more than a week in my experience).

Whether that works or not it’s not an option. I’m not leveling another alt. I’m exactly where I need to be for us to play together. Looks like I’m screwed this event. Support could at least send me enough event tokens so I can buy out the shop each week. There’s a weekly limit and I would have bought the shop out anyway so that wouldn’t be an unfair solution. Just saying.

Unfortunately…even if your character does hit 50, they still are unable to access the event as I am experiencing.

I thought it was only 24 hours? Is there a new bug?

Wow that is a serious issue. AGS keeps telling people to level to 50 to fix it but it doesn’t work?!?
Just to clarify you took pink quest on char below 50, the levelled it to 50, and now when event is active and you try to click the horse/portal it still won’t let you in the race?

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It’s unbelievable how incompetent the event design is. It reminds me strikingly of New World. Create an event that only high level alts can participate in, but the quest can be accepted by anyone. Of course, an event quest cannot be aborted, why should it… Because the quest was accepted by someone who is not authorized to access it, everyone else in the rooster cannot participate either. Of course, there is no remedy for this nonsense for days, if it comes at all. Just ridiculous how such a trivial bug is handled.


@Roxx, Could you PLEASE note on this issue? People are locked out of the event and can’t participate at all.

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Dailies don’t get removed at reset time? Amateur.

It’s actually quite ridiculous. Would love to get some of these rewards but guess that’s out of the question. Could an actual developer or admin comment on this thread please? I have a bone to pick with you in public.

Yes, we are aware of the bug and are working to get it fixed in an upcoming update


Why can’t we give up the quest when accidently accepting is with a twink? Hope this get’s fixed I can’t do the event for 4 days now. Accepted it on a twink I level up with my friend. Didn’t know you can’t dismiss is and accept on your main.

Found myself in the same boat here. Missing out on 800+ tokens a day for the event and it’s still not fixed. Crazy.