Cant dye the gear i bought from dimonds

Bought the Destruction punisher set from the shop. didnt say anything about i couldnt dye it. But when i opend the box. BOOM, can not dye…

Would love to dye it, and bought it from the blue gems…

Can you make it so i can dye it? or give some of the gems back since you sold me a false item?

Firstly, that sucks. Sorry to hear you had that experience. Some things in the game are dyeable and some aren’t. Not sure what makes that decision, and they certainly should have a disclaimer before you buy it.

However, there are ways to check next time you go to buy an item! What I do is go into the marketplace and search your item or find a person in town wearing the item I wish to purchase and inspect it! It’ll tells you if its dyable.

Although I doubt they’ll refund you for buying the item, I wish you luck in your journey.

Strange they just do not mention it in there would be a small effort on AGS / Smilegate their part:

I got a similar issue on the extra lawmaker set not being dyable but the original one was …
Seems to me they just need to tick off / on a box.

The Alar skin is dyable tho. I know cause i bought and dyed one.