Cant enter haigers manor and cant do south vern chaos dungeon

Hello, I cant enter Haigers Manor, I know there is a problem in there, but they said we would be able to do South Vern Chaos Dungeons, but I can’t do that. please help.

It says I need to finish the main quest.

South America
Char name: Tiozinhu


Sorry to see you’re having this issue as well, lmontefeltro.

Please refer to this post for further information regarding the manor, the development team is looking into it.

My man we can’t do the chaos dungeon or Valtan because the content required in order to do those (South Vern main story quest) is locked.

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This is so sad. I lost Valtan with my guild yesterday. Also this is going to be the third day without SV chaos dungeons. :frowning:


can you just lift the limit ty

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Any updates? This has been on going almost a week now.

Hi there,
Any plan to let us finish south vern quest line ?

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We’re missing out on our SV Chaos Dungeon. Can you guys do something about this? It has been inconvenient for a lot of people trying to finish SV quest line. Why wait till the reset to do something about this?

I understand it sometimes take time to replicate a bug and work out the kinks with it, but from the post that they made several days ago they seem to already have it worked out? Yet here we are, still stuck. You’d think a game-breaking progression bug would be prioritized and hot-patched rather than wait for weekly update. ^.^

Still stuck in here.

It has been broken for about 5 days now… I’m on full rested bonus waiting for South Vern chaos dungeon :frowning:
Is it possible we can lift the restriction until this bug which has 0 eta has been fixed?

There have been a ton of posts asking about it and no helpful response. Just that “the team is working on it”.

I don’t understand how this isn’t counted as a critical issue that should be given a hotfix ASAP…

I can’t do this either. Still waiting for already 5 days.