Can't even try new EU West servers

Can’t even get as far as region selection.
Game bombs out with ‘Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic ][10027]’
Almost as though 6PM CET was, yet again, a really stupid time to make a change,.

Keep trying, I got in on my 4th try

was in a queue, stopped at 250, waited 15min nothing, restarted now got this same error, tried restarting 20 times + already, nothing… ridiculous

Keep trying guys, it is gonna work just fine. Especially if you used to play on Asta, keep trying :slight_smile:

Great thing is there is no queue!

same error. I played first time yesterday and got no queue, now can’t even open the server browser to get into a queue.

ah man i feel for you.
it is so unlike AGS to have issues in that deparment. I am sure they will have it solved in no time.

You may try this solution if you get the error. I don’t personally know about the efficacy of this method though. Maybe confirm if it works :slight_smile:

there is something wrong with theyre servers, my queue crashed exactly when they launched EUW, and im playing at central europe, and now i cant login to CE, i change region to WE and dont get the error, the queue in CE was only 2k in beatriche… Couldnt even do the dungeons yesterday evening too, its just fuckd up. And i was restarting the game for nearly 40 mins :slight_smile: