Cant' find expert engrave on purple chest

is it just me or bugged ?

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Same here.

I noticed this yesterday - at first I thought I kept skipping over it but then after going line by line I confirmed it was just not in there.

all out attack as well. and it seems to bee all the chests.

Its bugged since the first day, dont open the bags/chests

It is not bugged, this event (express mission) came in KR before those engravings were in game, so basically you cannot obtain them from it.

this isn’t Korea, so don’t release incomplete stuff as a stop gap.

You can notice that the bug and support sections are full of threads like this. A moderator already said it’s been reported to “the team”, but I don’t really understand how they didn’t released an URGENT hotfix of all the april update mess yet, but somehow they find the time to solve individual issues like character deleted by mistake or even dumber things people do with their game