Can't find my Punika Powerpass in Char select


So I’ve just finished the Punika purple Quest chain where you get the Free Punika Powerpass at the end.
I activated it on my inventory by right clicking the Powerpass but I can’t seem to find it in my Character selection screen when I want to boost my alt up…
Is the powerpass still disabled or did I do something wrong?

Yes still disabled

They are still disabled, and no news since this post.

Alright, thank you very much for the quick answers!

Since there has been no word about it yet, I’m afraid tomorrow in the maintenance notes they will say again that the passes remain disabled for another week at least - until further notice

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Personally I don’t mind, I used mine on the first day kekw.

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You’re in the wrong thread for this comment.

They weren’t able to use the pass before it got locked and weren’t complaining, simply asking if it was still disabled.

Which I did answer above, I was just replying to Sophomore’s comment.

I see, my bad, it’s not showing your comment as a reply to the comment above.

Carry on, I’ll show myself the door.

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I have no idea why, it happens often for me, even after clicking the “reply” button, if my answer is immediately after the comment I’m trying to reply to, it doesn’t show as a reply.

So I do understand the confusion, it’s just a skill issue on my end lol.

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I just wanted to quote the weekly update and speculate a bit, didn’t see that also replied to your message

I have also used the powerpass on day1, rip to those who held onto them until they got disabled


I get this ‘bug’ also quite often, I thought it was just my phone not showing it properly but sometimes it does tag a reply, sometimes not even though I’m clicking the reply icon

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Wait, there’s a purple quest that gives a punika ppass? Is this for everyone?

If so, where is it lul

Aaaaand it actually got re-enabled :smile:

It’s bugged out for some people.