Cant find the DPS meter


I just started do some dungeons but cant find any way to see the dps after dungeon is done / dmg done etc. Do I need 2 get a external addon for this like in Final fantasy or can you see this ingame anyhow? As a dps I dont see any reason do dungeons/raids unless I can see my preformance.

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It doesn’t exist


better that it does not exist and that its use is prohibited as in FFXIV, in the end they only bring toxicity to the game as it happens to WoW


You don’t see it because there isn’t one.

Yup, people will get angry at you when they see you not making enough DPS on the meter. That’s why they didn’t implement it.


I’ve been a WoW player until not long ago, and I’ve seen people slap a tank in the face that didn’t do enough damage… a tank…
that’s why this type of addons has to be prohibited if you want your game to be healthy


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Well prob wont play the game then untill there is one

I simply wont enjoy a game without a dps meter or atleast a end dungeon dmg recount. Wana se if I can improve, If I did better than the other warrior in my guild etc.

Imagine watch football or play football when every player is unidentified and have a bag over head so you dont know who did goal. Or even if any goal was done.

Good combat and game look good but without dps meter its not a serious PVE multiplayer game.


I mean who is toxic abot dps meters will be toxic for different reasons if there isn’t one. The best thngs about MMOs is character progression and damage (or whatever support do) progression. having a DPS meter is the easyest way to have a direct result of progress. and overall who cares about toxic people like people who plays MMO’s plays for developing social skill. LOL


You can go to Beatrice and check your DPS whenever you want.

DPS meter in p2w game like Lost Ark would be a bad idea that promotes expensive spending habits.


While that can be true, that can also be a very useful tool in removing leeches from groups. There’s a lot of players that are very happy getting carried through hard content while they /follow someone.
Also it is a very useful tool to see your build effectiveness.

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someone said that these kind of addons really bring toxicity to the game and I could not agree more, its nice to see numbers ill give you that but its really simple tbh, if you always have the best gear you can farm and use your skills on cooldown then you should be able to do more than enough dmg.

Back in the old days, as a main support player over the past decades, DPS meter helps me predict the flow / pace of the boss fight, and identify which DPS players are just brain-deading the stage mechanics and not mindful of overthreating beyond the gauge to a point the boss switches aggro and went to the dpsers / away from the tank. I use it as a gauge to see which DPS players are mindful of their party members and mechanics as well,.
Years went on > it became a brag / flex material after being Kiritoes and rise of youtube content showing SOLO-ing contents as DPS, and showing numbers.

The numbers, what do they mean? :V

a decade++ ago, versus recent years > it’s the players mindset and mental attitude which shaped this feature : was useful before, but now detrimental (which isnt the case for mature people)

If they wont provide DPS meter, I am hoping atleast they can implement threat meters.

I wish there was a dps meter because I like to see if I’m improving.
If people are afraid of toxic behaviour at least let us see our own dps.

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At least in Raids there is MVP status. So you know if you did best, just not “by how much”.


Good one less like you is good for the game heck even GREAT!
Oh and dint forget to take with you all your friendos who also wabt to improve… Yeah right.

this game is soooo much more about avoiding damage and surviving, than seeing dps-numbers…

people are bad at the game and they need to learn how it works…
since there arent any REAL healers, and the few heals that we have available will NOT make up for people fucking up every other mechanic, so its all about understanding and learning mechanics, which is VERY good for the long-term health of the game imo.

if you REALLY want to see/compare/test stuff, go to Trixion, and talk to Beatrice and enter the Training-Room!
you have unlimited skill-points and can reallocate stats and engravings as you please to test out stuff and you can use the built-in dmg meter there to see numbers.

as i said: people are bad at this game (partly because its new, partly because the majority just doesnt want to understand that they need to learn mechanics) and you can see that in the MVP-screens.

You can always go to Beatrice and test yourself. There you can see your dps. You could always try to test different builds and see which one does better.

i will not stop you because que is a thing here :slight_smile:
Although if you want to know how you did compared to others, in more chalenging content (chaos dungeons, guardians and raids) there are summaries at the end with precenntages of how you did so its somewhat what you want i suppose :wink: