Can't get into South Vern after getting kicked in the mission

With the EUC Server Issues, i got kicked while i was in the mission to get to south vern. Now after the server restart im still in North Vern and cant get into South vern, even though the mission says to speak with someone in south vern.

Is it possible to abandon the quest?

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No, since its a main story quest.

I haven’t had a chance to log into the game after today’s update, so I’m not quite sure how the new continent works. Is there a visible wall that’s holding you back?

No, u get into a short solo dungeon that u enter in North Vern. After the Dungeon u usually get teleported to South Vern. But due to the server crash i didnt get tp’d and can’t re do the solo dungeon.

No Offence to yourself, it’s nice that you’re trying to help. But why aren’t potential pillars of the community like mods etc, given information on this sort of thing, it’s not much additional use if you’re trying to help as just an average player, there’s more of us and if there’s a solution we’ll hive mind it I guess. Petition amazon for actual data D:

This wouldn’t be the first quest state lockdown someone’s found, haven’t seen so many bugs since I tried playing ESO. :frowning:

You might want to contact support, they should be able to re-grant you access or teleport your character.