Can't get past queue for Ranked PvP Matches

I’m trying to queue for ranked pvp matches but cant get past the queue. The longest queue I was in was an hour and 40 minutes roughly. I’m sitting in queue right now to give a picture. Help please!


Here’s a screenshot @12 minutes in queue

what server you play?
thats not normal, ranked queue should take few minutes max


I only go rank to see how toxic it has gotten, otherwise I can careless about rank. Not many queue for it because it is not rewarding, the first thing you hear and see is from a platinum or a gold player yapping “tf you doing?” “are you dumb?” “go queue normal match” Like whoa! just cause you have a badge you got the privilege to make an opinion lol. Just go queue on normal matches, do daily, get pvp points. Less stress and same goal can be accomplish. We’ll see how far these high ranker going to go on for before crying there’s no one one queuing lmao.

You might find it offensive but he is right. If you dont care about Ranked PVP and are bronze or close all you do is fuck up the mmr for others and then say players are toxic to you. Because of the lack of players its likely you might have a platinum player with you in your party. They will have to work their ass of for your lack of skill. Id say try to do normal queue until you feel good enough to go at least to gold rank. I have met many good gold player but not ONE bronze player. They are the bane of pvp.

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Lmao offensive, more like give me more things to laugh about. You know how dead pvp is in lost ark, its so dead high mmrs are queueing with bronze mmr. Fact check, Every mmo game that is pvp highly focus became a failure. Cmon its 3v3, if you think bout it high mmrs got carried to get to where they are. Lets be real here its a 3v3 ranked match, you consider that skill? 3 players jumping one player is not called skill lmao…
1v1 is the real deal here and many of those high mmr cant even 1v1. Ive seen high mmr play like trash too dont phrase them all so highly just because they got the high mmr to show doesnt mean they can play. Lmao.
Also Without these bronze, silver and golds queueing, the high mmrs players wont even climb in rank besides parking it.

Cant 100% agree with you. The system working in that way that always someone must be bronze. No matter how good he is. If all bronze stop playing, silver will become bronze fast and gold become silver etc. But yea, if player got no enough experience in random and not feel comfortable with class should not starting ranked. It’s not good for him and others. Toxicity is the bane of ranked :confused: peoples just treat their rank in computer game too serious.

Still an issue for me as of 1/16/2023
I was able to get into one match since I last made this post

Help! please? >_<
its still a problem for me. I can only get into tdm’s D:! Help!

it will stay an issue until you stop playing unfortunately. I speak from experience

is north amercia east considered dead server?
I dunno, ask in world chat how much time it takes for people to queue
try to wait as much as you can so you can level up abit maybe it will get better

why did I come here. Thanks for the non-help!