Can't get trusted status for 4 month

Hello. I can’t get trusted status for 4 month. Since april i was contacting live support on amazon, only thing i get as a reply is “we can’t give it manualy”. I have steam guard on and meet all minimum requierments for trusted status, i even asked steam support for confirmation of this. Any help?

Sadly, the only help you might be able to find is AGS support. Every post I’ve seen on this is kinda the same from Steam’s side. I don’t think anyone has gotten help from them on these matters. (steam).

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Hi @CsgoAbuser.

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m sorry to hear about your issue with trusted status. I understand the frustration when the requirements for trusted status don’t work properly.

I don’t mean to sound repetitive but I can confirm that we are unable to grant trusted status manually. We don’t have the tools or authorization to do it from our end.

We highly appreciate patience on this matter and hope Steam grants trusted status to your account as soon as possible.

Wish you have nice weekend.

Might not be something you want to hear but, I had the same issue, I got a game on Steam, waited and waited and nothing happened. I kinda gave up and I bought a Character Slot Extension from the shop. After I got that, next week maintenance I got my Trusted status. Might have been a coincidence but I don’t know. I waited for like 2 months after i got a game on Steam, then I got that thing and suddenly I got Trusted.