Can't harvest guardian souls

I can only harvest guardian soul for once in a day for 2 days. Why is that? I literally gain 3 great honor leapstone in a day :pleading_face:


You can do 2 guardians a day, by that you can claim 2 Guardian souls in total. ( one in each run )
if you are having a rest bonus you can claim up to 2 souls in one run. Be aware that not every Guardian drops the same amount of leaps. Higher the boss the more leaps you get! hope this clarified it a bit.

to gain rest bonus you must not have complete a Guardian that day.

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Yes i know thank you, i harvest one of them but it didn’t let me second. it said “you can’t harvest more guardian souls” but i know i just harvested once

Okay i just checked it, it let me harvest in second run too. but it didn’t let me for 2 days to 2nd run it is okay, thanks again

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