Cant hone weapon from+15 to +16

I have tried to hone my +15 weapon to +16 and it says “No welcome boost information” and will not complete. I have tried many times but it will not go through. Any help would be appreciated.

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Having the same issue here, can’t hone anything past +15

Does it have express on it?

Yeah mine does, but it worked before the patch

ye. so the bug apparently only applies to expressed chars

me pasa lo mismo

same here, cant upgrade anything

here with the same “bug” cant upgrade 15 to 16

I am also having this issue on an express char. It wont let me increase the honing XP even though I have the shards. @Roxx


Same bug here, pls hotfix fast.

yep im having the same issue with my expressed character

Me pasa lo mismo no puedo mejorar los guantes de 15 A 16

Yeah, Me too, I’m unable to exceed to +16 with any of my armors. Here’s the error message that I’m getting.

I have the same issue.

Same here! Still waiting for the fix to continue playing.

Having same problem. Can’t get past +15. I did use express pass

This is a bug we’re aware of and working on a fix for already! Appreciate the reports

Needed this fix yesterday!

Thank you. Do you know if getting rid of the express pass will fix the issue?

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Other people claimed transferring the Express Pass to another character resolves the issue, assuming that’s an option for you.