Can't login due to bug with newest patch

Game froze when I tried loading into a different area could hear everything around me and could see a chat box icon so I forced closed the game. When I tried to load back in it says that I’m already logged in. Thanks for the new update filled with bugs.

Has nothing to do with the update. This is a common occurrence with crashes. You’ll be able to log in again in a few minutes.

I’m having similar issues. The first time I logged in I couldn’t matchmake and got disconnected from the game. I tried to login a second time and the game tells me I’m already logged in and gives me a warning then disconnects me. Now every time I log in it disconnects me while trying to load into the server.

Issue is on Akkan and a few servers from what I’ve seen in the last few minutes on the forums. Likely a mix of astronomical queue times and data flooding the server for a variety of reasons, most notably the bot spam. Probably something that Amazon is going to become aware of very soon if they aren’t already.