Cant Login the game!

When i try to login, i got insta dc. Wtf???

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same problem, error 10010

same here and i already try all the ways i found in internet :confused: @Roxx help us q.q

same problem here. i restarted the pc and tried to login into lost ark while my friends are waiting for me in g6 lobby, but i get insta kick. so, yea

same here whats going on?

bump same issue, someone send help!

Enable Steam Beta and you can play the game again xD

For anyone having this issue, it is due to Steam not being updated. Force close Steam and log back in so that it updates. If it still doesn’t update, you can try this:

Settings > Account > Beta Participation > steam beta update

This forces Steam to update. You can turn that setting off after logging in.



the same here


This worked for me

We’re aware of the problem, we’ve located the cause and are now testing fixes. Hope to have it all resolved shortly!

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