Cant login to character

Whenever I try to login on my Charater Japocc (Asta - EU), I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. My main (Japoc, Asta - EU) works just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @till.streit!

I’m sorry to hear about your problem with your character.

To be able to unstuck your character i will need you to log out of the game so i can send your character to a safe location. Let me know when you’ve done it so i can proceed.

Waiting for your response. :grin:

Im logged out, feel free to move the character, Thanks!

Hey @till.streit!

I moved your character to a safe location.

Feel free to log back again.

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:

Worked flawless, Thanks!