Can't login to some characters due to game closing

So to start this i had zero issues with the game’s performace since the head start up until now. Today i was in my stronghold and i used bifrost to my daily Q island and while it was loading, the game just closed without any error message. Now the same happens when i try to log back to that character. Its loading and then the game closes. I went on my alt to do chaos dungeon and on the 3rd floor of 2nd run the game closed again and now i can’t log onto that character either. I’m still able to play on my other alts, but i would love to be able to play on all of my characters. Is there any help for this?

Hello @Sullda !

I’m sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing with your characters.

Please try these steps: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If the issue persist please contact us via our live support channel so we can investigate your problem further:

Have a nice day!

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