Cant loging from april 29

i have 11 alt includin

g my main character i cant log in after boots update killing looks like kill real players like me i reset my laptop from fabric reset do everything too make back too the game looks like imposible to even get bypass 10010 i been enjoy game from day 1 never use vpn create another account too make sure im not ban still have same error 10010 are u guys gonna fix this issue or use multiple 3 computer at home too make sure is not my pc all of than have the same isssue even if never play on that pc still have 10010 all my drivers update windows update all good swich internet conection still have same code


This problem is more common than ussual, i don’t understand. Did you make the steam account on another country pr did you have than another ip from another country ? Maybe that could be a problem.

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no i add my account here at miami usa have playing from day 1 no vps use create another account still have issue 10010 use new computer download the game still have same code even in a new pc try multiple internet mobil or wifi or lan still have same code10010

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Your ISP is using VPN or similar thing. Nothing you can do, other than try and find another ISP in your neighbourhood.
We could be having fun, nice and easy, but AGS has another opinion about it.

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I have the same error at my house and workplace pc since the day they banned VPN. I have tried everything but it dodnt get fixed. Fyi i have never used VPN ( at least since lost ark opening)

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fIlThY tOs bReAKeR

Seriously tho, their VPN thingy is pretty dumb and if you know you are not using a VPN, its probably an issue from your ISP… which you cant do much :frowning:
We can all prayge AGS will go back on their decision about the VPN ban because it hurts a lot of legitimate players

To be sure if its your ISP, you can try login from elsewhere using a different wifi and see if it works


i dont think is that never have same issued like this ok image if i have isp location different whith my mobile hostpot sure fix it i try it everything from april 29 nothing come true …i try every method i think they do not doing job right i bet there is more boot than players righ now still

i have 3 pc my brother 1 the never touch still have same code all 3 10010 even try my hotspot phone my brother hotspot all 3 computer enjoy the code 10010 without usin vpn

honestly the VPN ban is stupid but this post smells of bullshit doesn’t really help that you spammed 10+ unrelated threads with the same post :eyes:

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yeah same thing but dev have too listen real player no boots

Sounds like something a bit would say…

They just don’t listen) u can leave this game for free now, theydontcare

those pesky boots… walking all over our beloved game. Untying the firm relationship we have with it. I bet they smell pretty bad too

Just placing my tent here, this post is gold. Saying he’s playing from miami USA but using google translation. I need more :slight_smile:

How tf is your english so bad while you are from miami usa? Like rly :joy: sorry but i cant believe you

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