Can't Open Neon Weapon Chest for Scouter

I’ve seen people save their set for Machinist/Scouter and saw people with skins equipped but is it different for weapon? I have a neon weapon chest saved but I can’t open it on my scouter.

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I’ll see if I can get some additional info on this for you.

more then likely you wont be able to use it i saved a omen skin plus weapon chest for lance master when it came out and i could use the skin but even though it has a weapon skin in other versions i couldnt use it in this version so more then likely you wont be able too use it

Something is wrong. I can use Noble Banquet weapon on Machinist (from battle pass) but not Neon one. Before 28th and Machinist release on Neon weapon box it included Machinist name as it would be used but after class release it was removed. I truly hope it is just bug

As an update, Washizz.

This is currently not bugged.