Cant open the epic engraving box you get from the 1445 hyper express..?

number 2

I’m having the same issue as well, but with the error “You can’t equip this item”. It is also bound to roster and you CANNOT transfer it into your roster storage or you get the error “This item cannot be stored in your roster storage”. I forgot to say that this is while on a reaper.

yeah i am just too lazy to added 5 SSs you know? i am getting all of that

Now guys.


You got 400 purple engravings.

Think about it. Think about it again.

Now let me ask you, do you think it was intended that you got 400 purple engravings chests ?

It’s 800 not 400 actually because you get both type of boxes x20

You realize we don’t care about 400 purple engravings. We’re looking for x20 in the chest…20 purple books. Trolling is helping no one with determining cause of the bug.

Its 20 Chests.
Each chest contains 20 and 20 chests.
As the person above you said, its 800 total …