Can't pass ACHATES guardians i'm blocked, its not fun at all

I’m blocked, i try all the time do it, but can’t success, if someone don’t do the mechanic, its not a wipe, but the reduce attack is clearly a wipe (in time).

I am ilvl 1000 and i can’t progress because i need to kill him to get to the other tier of guardians raid…

I have solo tytalos because the same thing happen, i couldn’t done it with other player because of one shot mechanic.

But i have done tytalos when i was at tier 2 (and its a tier 1 boss). Did i will need to do the same here ? Guardians is a big problem, its realy the only part of the game i don’t enjoy at all.

Legioros tenebris, helgaia, calventus are SO DAMN EASY, but achates another boss you must don’t fail.


If you want random people to coordinate, you should create a room on Find Party and decide who’s going to do what on the mech, and to bring WeakPoint Bombs.

But yeah, Achates is hell if you’re not in synch with your party.


They should add an easy option then, i just want to pass it, i want to have fun.

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The game is fun cause its challenging. Brainless fights or <5min fights are what makes the game boring. Guardian raids are supposed to be something akin to Monster Hunter hunts.

Try to find people who know using the party search function and leave random matchmaking for those who do not want to learn mechanics and just go around crying “Raids too hard / too time consuming”. And if you find people you get in synch with, befriend them.


I don’t mind challenging, but in Monster hunter I could solo everything on my own, this you need a party for to do it at the intended item level, the shield mechanic is impossible to do solo.

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Well, monster hunter is a single player with coop features. This is an MMO, meaning it is a full coop or nothing experience. Luckily tho they still allow some level of soloing for players who prefer it, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. But I guess MMOs nowadays are single player games where you just see other players around the world.

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Unlike abyss dungeons the game gives you the option to enter solo, so it would be reasonable to assume it would actually be possible. The game even scales the hp according to players, so why not also the mechanic

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It actually is to be honest with you. But you need to know the fight like you do your own house and also know how to deal decent damage with your character (not having grudge lvl 1, not having weird combat stats, etc.). A party just eases the fight by a lot in this case.

Sure the mechanic is hardly doable, you need to be on the spot you should be at the moment you break the statue. But if you skip it and have some normal impairment (aka stagger here) you can down him easy and recover the damage soon enough to not make the fight lost by time.

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I agree. It’s not fun at all. I also had to solo tytalos because I couldn’t do it in a group, and now Im at achates and basically just wasting my time, but I need to kill it for guardian raid progression. Why not just have different difficulties so it’s not an issue to get through the story part of it. Honestly the only loot I care about from the boss mostly is the honing mats. Why is it that chaos dungeons are a joke and some of the guardian raids are pretty difficult. Even the abyss dungeons werent bad as soon as we figured out what was happening. I usually watch a short guide before I do an encounter, but being stuck on this boss isn’t fun, wiping several times is just a waste of my time. I’ll just go play something else and come back when lost ark is throwing around gifts begging people to play.

dude i feel you, i spent 5 days and 165 attempts but I finally got it last night through party finder! never give up. warriors never give up.

keep your head up! ive tried for myself several attempts to complete this bad ass ! Best you can do is hoping to get a group doing the right stuff but if 1 fails its still doable as 3 persons left if 2 die then its a problem ^^

Fuck Achates, really should be taken off as a possible solo fight. I was 1060 ilvl and killed him at the last 30 second mark by using a feather.

Statue mechanic - can’t be done solo (or very barely if you’re lucky)
He spams his aoe “wipe” - if you run and come back he just does it again, not sure how it’s coded it seems very random
I can barely get time to actually hit him with how much he flies around

Again, I could def have improved my skills but as a zerk this fight was pure cancer, I DO NOT recommend trying solo unless you are way overgeared. Actually gonna check if he’s one of the nerfed ones

Take everything said above with a grain of salt as I just beat him and having a high and anger moment at the same time.

Name one abyss dungeon you’ve done solo at the appropriate item level.

It’s minimum item level. It doesn’t mean that’s the item level you should be.

This just isn’t true lol… The bosses scale depending on players in party and you can do them solo…

You can’t do any abyss dungeon solo regardless of ilvl.

What part of MMO do you not understand. They already weakened this boss once. Chill. Go get a team on party finder, join a guild, etc. Are you going to ask them to make 8 man raid’s soloable too?

every 4th boss tends to be harder, ull notice the pattern.

anyhow ur on EUC? if so i can boost you thru mate

Is fun how t2 content is way harder than the current t3 one

Was fun for me. Took about 10 tries.

They nerfed the guardians and now they are boring.

Hang in there, maybe you will get carried or maybe you will get it after 100 tries. Good luck. Life’s rough for some people